About BQH

People often think that having past life regression is just for the sake of curiosity - who was I before? Was I famous? and so on. It's so much more than that, with positive benefits, including the ability to resolve  issues and ailments that people thought would always bother them. This is life-changing knowledge! Sometimes it's good to have our assumptions challenged.


My approach to your healing

Have you wondered about the deep questions, why we are here and what it's all for? Whether you can be free of pain or move beyond suffering that sometimes feels too much to handle?


Having read many books and studied numerous healing methods I know that BQH is a powerful way to help people move beyond whatever holds them back, both physically and emotionally. Our minds hold our own truths, usually out of reach of our everyday awareness but with  hypnosis this all changes. It's exciting and empowering.

Apart from Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis I offer spiritual healing, energy work, EFT (tapping therapy) and an e-book called 14 Ways to Feel Good Fast which you can order by emailing me as per the contact section.

All healing originates in the person who needs it, I am just a facilitator or channel, releasing the light and energy in the client and helping them make a meaningful connection to their higher self.


Who I Help

I help people who want to heal physically and emotionally as well as those who have questions about their life purpose and other spiritual matters. 

How I Do It

I will find out what you want to achieve from your healing session, then help you relax and go on a journey into your own consciousness to find the answers.

What's in It for You

Deep relaxation, the chance to understand your own truth and increase your wellbeing. You will be in a place of peace and safety with total confidentiality. All results are individual and each experience is different.