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Heal your past, present and future

with Parallel Lives Hypnosis


How can past life regression hypnotherapy help you? 

Many people suffer from physical and emotional problems, phobias and addictions without realising that these things often originated in past lives. Not only that, but resolving these issues can occur fast after being regressed to the appropriate time and place. I think that's very empowering, which is why I qualified as a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner. BQH is a gentle yet effective way to heal, bypassing the conscious mind to access our Higher Self which is infinitely knowledgeable and powerful. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your background Jane? I have known for years that I am a healer and sensitive and have worked with it having qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique as well as BQH. I previously worked in advertising and hospitality.

How does a session work? There's an initial interview to find out the questions you want answered and establish your aims for the hypnosis. Then there's regression to several past lives which illuminate the issues bothering you. Next we spend time on healing and insight, and finally a debrief when you are in normal consciousness again.

Is hypnosis dangerous? No, the client is always in control and cannot be made to do anything against their will. There's no danger of them getting stuck in a hypnotic state or a past life either.

How will I feel afterwards? Most people feel tired but happily relaxed after BQH, often their most important life questions have been answered and issues resolved.

How long does it take? Sessions last around four hours - I do them as 2 x two hours to make it easier for clients'  scheduling 
Will I need more than 1 session? Not usually, but if you want a follow-up appointment contact me.

Do I have to prepare for BQH? Yes I have suggestions for before and after the hypnosis, and will send these to you once you have made a booking.
What does BQH cost? £250 for a 4 hour session.

Can BQH be done remotely? Yes either in person or over Skype or Zoom, it's energy healing which works just as well online as if we were in the same room.

Do you offer any other services?  Spiritual healing, EFT (tapping) and I have written an ebook, 14 Ways to Feel Good Fast - details below.

How can I book? Please contact me on 07375 374275 for an initial 15 minute chat and to arrange a time for your session. I'm happy to call you back if you leave a message as above.


How does hypnosis really work?

Hypnosis is purely a state of deep relaxation, combined with concentration and heightened awareness. Instead of normal waking perception which is dominated by the conscious mind, under hypnosis the client goes to a different level entirely and accesses the wisdom of the subconscious which knows all the answers to our life questions and history. Having made this connection, healing and insight frequently arise. Under hypnosis you will be awake and alert and  are likely to remember much of what you said and experienced.

Questions about your past, present or future? 

Access the answers you need to move forward

In BQH hypnosis we deal with your unconscious mind which knows all the answers to your questions about your life, your purpose, relationships, best use of your talents, whatever you want to know. There's amazing healing available there too.

A new perspective


How BQH began

Beyond Quantum Healing was developed as a way of building on the past life regression technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon. This respected author and healer discovered that exploring past lives brings lasting relief from many current life issues. She travelled the world to teach and publicise her findings and wrote 14 books.

If not now, when?

I named the business Parallel Lives because we all have so many choices and they determine the quality of our experience here.  Now is the time to choose control, deal with anything that's held you back, and have the life you always wanted. It's closer than you think.


Success Stories

“I've almost forgotten my knee pain which had been horrendous.  It went away after having BQH with Jane, and has continued to improve but it had been giving me a lot of problems beforehand. Now I do what I want - there's no knee swelling or tenderness to worry about. Absolutely superb, thank you".

KN, Wales

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